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Make every day a special occasion with these festive drinks. 


Your favorite holiday obviously requires a special libation, but what about today? Now you can shake up your cocktail routine to celebrate every day of the year, from Absurdity Day (November 20) and Africa Day (May 25) to Women’s Day (August 9) and Zoo Lovers Day (April 8). These recipes for timeless classics, twists on familiar favorites, and new concoctions commemorate international peoples, historical events, pop-culture icons, beloved foods, oddball occasions, and more. The 365 drinks—plus one for Leap Day, on the house—honor the holidays with names, flavors, and histories that respectfully embrace the spirit of each celebration, including the mainstays.


On New Year’s Day, sip a Gordon’s Breakfast as hair of the dog. Declare your independence on July Fourth with an Ex-Pat. Make a Manhattan to acknowledge where the first Labor Day parade took place. Impress loved ones on Thanksgiving with Apple Cider Mojitos. With charming illustrations and quick-witted humor, this stirring collection functions as a perpetual calendar, and will delight and inspire year-round.  


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